My newest “art”

Screenshot_2015-04-02-11-46-32-2So yesterday I got inspired and went to a painting meetup. I had not been back to this particular group since around Thanksgiving or Christmas. It seems more like Thanksgiving because in December I went to Paintnite in Philly. Either way I think from my first stab at painting the green “peacock” if it can even be called that, I have improved. It didn’t hurt that the host had sketched it beforehand. I was simply tasked with staying in the lines and picking my colors. I was surprised on how spring like in regards to color it came out because I tend to like dark colors. I am no artist but I find the act of painting therapeutic which is why I get upset when my friend AJ gets so critical about it not being perfect. It was never meant to be perfect just fun and if it didn’t outright suck that would just be gravy. Either way I think it is a hobby I will continue to do and enjoy.

Can you tell what it is?


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