The night before Chicago…

Today is the day before my trip and I am sooo excited. I am a planner by nature and have most of my days planned out. It might not all happen or happen as  I have planned but I feel better knowing I have at the very least an outline of what I plan to do. I can only hope that my flight tomorrow goes better than my san fran friends went today. My greeter informed me tonight that I might hit delays because of tornadoes. Having grown up on the eastern seaboard I can’t say I have much experience with freaking tornadoes. It IS the Midwest so I should not be too surprised. Scared perhaps but not really surprised.

Here is hoping that the flight is uneventful and as close to on-time as possible, my greeter experience is a positive one, that the boat tour is not canceled, that my commute throughout downtown is safe and that I do not get lost and most importantly I do not come in contact with a freaking tornado.


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