Sleep and other disturbances…

Lately I have been having some very odd experiences around the apartment. It started in earnest about a year ago. I would be sleeping and feel a poke on my side or hear my name but no one else was in the apartment. My dreams have gotten bizarre and occasionally I have been sleepwalking as I was informed I walked into kiddos room and began throwing pillows at them but I have no recollection. They have also heard their name and were also alone in the apartment.

I got worried about my mental health and sought some practical assistance. I spent months talking it out and they came to the conclusion it was all stressed related and if I did this or that it would help. It hasn’t and in fact it has gotten worse so I sought out less practical help. Two tarot readings and a seance later have all come to the same conclusion, I need to bless the apartment. They have suggested I reach out to a local priest, preferably a Jesuits. They have also suggested I get some sea salt soap(supposedly helps purify energy) and to also smudge the place.

When I was a kid I dabbled in things I shouldn’t have. I saw things that have led me to respectfully stay away from such things. I don’t necessarily believe anymore but just in case I keep my distance. Once things start happening I have no way to control it and I get frustrated and then move.

So I ask….do you believe in  a haunting ?


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