Moving attempts and other rants…

In the last two weeks I have been actively looking for an apartment and I found one and they accepted my application. However I got cold feet when I started feeling pressured to leave my current apartment with only two weeks notice and not the standard 30 day notice. It is great to feel wanted but I am a firm believer in karma and want to incur positive moving karma. If I did that to the potential new place they would be all over me. It rubs me the wrong way to encourage behavior you would not want done to you. My current landlord is not the best at getting anything fixed but he could be worse in many other ways. My compulsion to move is more to do with needing to downsize and the decrepit age of my current apartment. I hope that when winter comes along I can already be moved to a new place or well on my way toward that direction, otherwise I will be typing to this here blog in full winter gear in the middle of my living room.

The upside of staying? I can continue to be more financially stable. Moving is expensive and it takes a while to get your footing back after all that upfront expense. I think it might be better to enjoy life a little and wait for the right place at the right time. The apartment I found was great but not the right timing. To this end, I opened up a local bank account to save money. It is a bank account for depositing and saving and not connected to any of my bills. If I see it I will want to use it. Out of sight out of mind. My goal is to look at my balances again in December. I have it now set up just for direct deposit. I hope this works since I am usually  not a stickler for saving. I tend to live paycheck to paycheck but after seeing my salary and credit report I realized that I make enough money to live and pay my bills. I have to teach myself to use my money more wisely. Easier said then done but fuck I am going to give it a real try. My relationship with money has been fickle at best. It was never instilled in me to save. It was more like you earned it, you can use it however you want. What I never quite grasped until recently is that there are consequences to being irresponsible with one’s money. So as my mid year resolution to myself, I will make every attempt to be more fiscally responsible. I have always worked hard and played harder, but i think for the next six months I will continue to work hard but also try to save harder.


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