Story Idea….Governors Island…

Travel is something I have put on my empty nest to do list. So far it is going well. I have signed up to do things I would normally never decide to do and have traveled, mostly locally, to places I had never seen before. Just last weekend I went to Governor’s Island located a short boat ride from the southern tip of Manhattan. In my all my years I had never been to visit. I had heard of it here and there but had never been. I signed up with one of my meetup groups and spent the good part of my Saturday taking in tours of the island with the group and then strolling through the island leisurely on my own once I lost track of the group.

Governors Island has gone through many changes of use and for awhile was left abandoned. However these days it is clearly becoming a must see for most tourists and a great location to host many festivals and such. Despite all the activity I saw around me I was struck most by the abandoned residences and the general vibe I got. It was a beautiful island but the sense of loss was palatable, at least to me and some of my fellow visitors.

I started doing some research on the island and most people that lived there once upon a time had nothing but positive stuff to say. They felt it was the best place to grow up. The only negative I have read so far is when Castle William or Fort Jay were used for Halloween festivities. The whole visit got me inspired to write a story about living on the island. Anyone interested in sharing with me their experience do not hesitate to reach out to me. I would love to hear little know facts, a day in the life of a resident(child or adult), the local folklore and ghost stories, maybe a teacher that left a lasting impression and what you miss most about living there, maybe a day during a bad winter storm  or any information or person I should reach out to for more information would be great!


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