September 10th 2014 – future me post

Dear FutureMe,

The month of September 2014 has been a financial struggle. It seems like everything was under control until well, it wasn’t. It oddly has prompted you to return to school. You have returned to school after taking off the Spring 2014 semester and thought it would be a harder adjustment than it has been, granted it has only been a week. Here is hoping the financial aid issue works itself out. They are giving you a hard time right now. Here is hoping you are successful this time around.

I started back to school to alleviate a dire financial situation. It was an idiot thing to do. I continued school through Spring semester where I finally just gave up. I have realized that my money making potential is linked to what I currently do. I need to focus in earnest on my job certification. This realization has left me at a standstill on what to do with my 90+ credits into a degree I have no practical application for. Do I start over again or continue on this road to nowhere?

In 9 months a new chapter will start in your life. I pray you survive it. Your goal is not to make any drastic changes until you are finished with school. With only 7 classes left to take, I hope it is as painless as possible.

This  new chapter has a learning curve of how to balance being a custodial everyday parent to the holidays and weekend parent. Everything about my life revolved around being a mom. I am still a mom and take it very seriously and I am now also a single person with more free time than I know what to do with. I have upped my activity on It has been a website that has helped me to get out there and do stuff. With all this social activity it also highlights that I miss school. Still. On. Fence.About.It.

An old-coworker will start at your current job, should be interesting. A current co-worker is battling cancer, hopefully wins the battle.

Previous co-worker is still a current co-worker and unfortunately the person she was brought in to cover for did not beat cancer. I feel my job handled the loss poorly. There was no acknowledgement she died. It has all been shrouded and reduced to low whispers and gossip. As of two weeks ago another previous co-worker started working with us a temp. Note to self: be friendly enough with your co-workers, the working world is not as big as you would it to be.

Be kind to yourself and hopefully you remember often that you are just one person and can only do so much. Change what you can and accept what you can’t.

I struggle with being kind to myself. I drown sometimes in the idea of where I thought I would be at 40 and the reality of it.


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