Nina’s Voice – My NanoWrimo 2015 story

This years story is inspired by a photo I took on a recent trip to Chicago in front of the cloud gate aka the bean. It wasn’t until I was home and sharing the photos of my trip that a friend pointed out the peculiar picture of the young girl behind me. Her face was distorted and looked unnatural. It piqued my interest to find out who she was and look for answers on why the photo might have looked so insidious.My story follows the journey leading up to the trip and the revelations that come to light in search for the mysterious girl after the trip.

I am currently researching the history of the cloud gate and if anything unnatural has bee attributed to it to weave into my story, a good history on the city of Chicago, and what might a girl of school age be doing seemingly alone in downtown Chicago. I need to figure out how to connect my main character Leesa and Nina(the young girl). I want the connection so obvious that when the reveal comes later in the story you can think back on the story and see the clues left behind. The other option for the narrative is that there is no personal connection between Leesa and Nina and it was a random call for help from Nina to Leesa, help Nina didn’t know she needed or was asking for and Leesa is just uniquely in-tune with things unknown.

Since 2005 I have been an active participant of NanoWrimo and have never been able to make it to the goal of 50,000 words. This year as every year before I hope I can make it to the goal word count. I love that there are so many resources to keep you motivated and connected to others in the same word race. So far I am 267 words in and counting.


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