Sleep Paralysis

Since I was about ten I have had episodes of sleep paralysis. I remember the first time was after chanting myself to sleep  saying Jesus. At the time I shared the room with my older sister and freaked out when I woke up and could see her across the room and could feel the coldness of the room but could not move. I moved my eyes to see around me as best as I could. I felt a pressure on my body that immobilized me. The more I tried to push it off of me it seemed to move on me harder. It felt like a dark mass was hovering over me and I tried to yell but no sound came out. I eventually gave up fighting, closed my eyes and fell what I think was back to sleep. When I opened my eyes again I was able to move and curled up to the wall side of my bed looking around the room suspiciously. I still felt that in addition to my sister there was something else also in the room.

The episodes have happened more infrequently as I have gotten older. Last night I went to sleep listening to some mediation hoping to help me relax. Curiously enough it involved some chanting which I think was my trigger. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling a pressure on top of me trying to keep me from moving. I kept fighting it and the more I did the more I felt bruised. I did manage to move face up and the pressure eased and went away. I looked around the room and felt watched. I went back to sleep and it happened again and more intense that made it impossible to move. I stopped fighting it and then in a final push back I was able to push the pressure back and off me.

According to my mom a younger brother also has suffered from this. I am always curious to see how others have dealt with this phenomenon. I am open to suggestions, story sharing and tips.


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