Dear Dad,

I am not sure you realize the pain your actions have affected people, specifically your children. It would pain me to think that you do know and just do not care. We are all old enough to look past it and have a semi-relationship with you. But rest assured you will not be the next greatness that your father was and is known for.I think your youngest brother is in the running for that title.

We know your dad was not perfect either but somewhere along the line he took stock of his actions and made a decision to put family first. While he was alive your children never needed or wanted for nothing. Where you lacked in father like behavior he made up for in spades. When I think of a male role model I think of him and even my other grandfather as well. They were not perfect but they loved and valued their families above all else.

Despite your shortcomings, I love you. I don’t always like you, but I love you.