Mama Kats Writing Prompt – How parents met

Writing Prompts For 02.11

1. How your parents met.
2. List the top 10 YouTube channels you’re loving most this month.
3. February 11th is National Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day. Write about a time you could have cried over “spilled milk”
4. Write a blog post inspired by the word: pink.
5. Share a favorite Valentine’s Day tradition
6. 8 people/places/or things you’d like to give a virtual Valentine to

My parents met during high school. Legend has it that they met at a dance and my dad and a best friend noticed my mom right away. As it turns out the other guy never had a chance since  my mom was partial to dark haired boys with pretty eyes. They had a physical attraction that propelled them into holy matrimony. All their dates were chaperoned but rumors are that some of their dates were better supervised than others. When my great grandmother was on duty all stayed up to code but when my aunt tagged along, not so much. My aunt(mom’s younger sister) could be bribed for her silence and to look the other way to certain things.

My parents never really enforced such strict dating rules with us. To be fair we never really brought anyone home to meet the parental units. I was married and divorced before  my dad ever met my now ex-husband during an unrelated family matter. In a little over twenty years they have met one official time. How times have changed indeed.

When my parents were courting they had certain requirements to be able to date from their own parents: they had both had to be Cuban, be within the same age group, have been vetted by the family pending a review of who their respective parents were, and most importantly all dates had to be “chaperoned”. Back then it was unthinkable to date outside of your “group” and it also mattered what part of Cuba they came from. The idea of chaperoning was to avoid any shot gun weddings but ultimately a teenagers hormones drove them to creative  ways to find a loop hole that rivaled the fear of getting caught.

My parents met in High School and were married longer than anyone had expected them.



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