Second Quarter resolutions…

I have found that it is import for me to find happy spaces for myself whenever possible. Life is too short to be miserable and as I round my 40+1 birthday it seems ever so much shorter.

In the last two weeks I have suffered pains in the gut, literally. It seems that I have a now officially diagnosed case of diverticulitis. I had learned to deal with symptoms not really understanding what was actually going on. Since I have started treatment I feel so much better but think it will be an uphill battle to learn to eat better to avoid flare ups that could land me in urgent care again. It took four days before I finally drove myself to seek professional help.

Note to self: Expand the inner circle and include folks that can help you in a pinch. Do you know how hard it is to care for your self when you haven’t been able to eat for days? It is not easy indeed. The medication kept me in a fog that made driving an adventure and at one point downright dangerous for myself and those around me. It has been a blessing to live in the center of a town where everything is in walking distance. I was quite a sight walking all mismatched and dazed to the local supermarket down the main road.

This weekend when the fog has sort of lifted I found myself seeking human contact. It is the most social I have been in a while. I reached out to the universe and the universe responded in step with what I needed, a happy space in a sea of less than a stellar year.

So in the aftermath of being sick, losing loved ones, and a pretty spectacular downturn in my financial security I think it best to implement quarterly resolutions/goals. I think maybe three reasonably attainable ones will be a good start. In three months I can check in and see how well I have stuck to them.

My first three are as follows:

Add fiber to my diet to avoid infections in my gut. I have to start with being more conscious of what I eat.

Get to 25,000 words on my novel. I hope that participating more with my writers group will help and that the writing partner I have been paired with is a good fit.

Save the minimum of $10 every paycheck, even if it will make me go negative. If possible of course avoid over drafting.





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