A College Memory

I was a freshman in college a year after I graduated high school. I took a year off and took odd jobs and bounced from one place to the next. By the end of that year I found myself homeless and so I got in my car and drove from Florida to Virginia, where my dad lived at the time. It is that time I found out that my dad had a secret love child, one on the way with his official girlfriend and that somewhere in the Dominican Republic I had an eight year old sister I never knew existed. That sister was the full sibling of the brother my mom took and raised as her own. I had though that was a one time indiscretion, I guess not. After about a month I continued on my way to New York to stay with the official and my dad’s very pregnant girlfriend. Of all the women my dad has dated she is the one I remember most fondly. Not because she took me in but because she was very warm and family friendly.

About a month in I also met my dad’s secret child, well secret at this point only to his official girlfriend(and not for that much longer either), and her mother. It is through this other woman I met my ex-husband. He was considerably older than me and helpful when it came to school and such and took care of me when I found myself “homeless” yet again.

Three months into the relationship and toward the middle of my first semester I was walking cautiously through campus(South Bronx location) and felt dizzy. At the top of the steps my head grew heavy, I lost my balance and fell to the floor. When I came to I was surrounded by campus security and being rushed to the nurse on campus. I was bleeding profusely from my nether regions. The nurse asked if I was pregnant and I replied I was not sure. She called the ambulance and I was rushed to the nearest ER just over the border where the Bronx and Manhattan meet.I refused to be examined but the blood work showed I was or at the very least had been at some point pregnant but due to the amount of blood it was pretty safe to assume I was miscarrying. I went back a week later and I was in the clear and no longer remotely pregnant.


6 thoughts on “A College Memory

  1. Oh, honey! I’ve always wondered why so many students in other countries take a “gap year” between high school and college. Developmentally, there’s no worse time to just “do what you want to”. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. Your dad’s an ass (so is mine) and it must have been devestating to find out about new family members and lose a child so near the same time. Hopefully your post will encourage someone else to be more truthful with their family.

  2. Oh my goodness, what a traumatic year for you! It sounds like your Dad might have been decent at picking out women, but not sticking with them. Did you keep in touch with the sibling you learned about?

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