Vacation memory ..

A few years ago, well actually a little over a decade ago I still lived in Florida but frequently visited  my home state of NJ, and even NYC on some occasions. On one of those visits I went for a long weekend to celebrate a friends milestone birthday. She was and I suspect still is a bit of a control freak and as a result planned her portion of my weekend. I added that after I would walk over to a male friends house that lived nearby. This is what happened with only a few bumps in the road, namely her and her husband’s complicated relationship.

I took mass transit from NJ into Queens which was pretty uneventful. We got ready and headed into Manhattan. Unbeknownst to me we went to a strip show and saw men in various stages of undress. I was kind of surprised because she had exploitation issues so to be in a place where people got compensated to walk around in thongs and such was surprising.When I tried to enjoy myself and roll with it she gave me her disapproving side look so we spent our time there sitting apart and watching from a distance. She spent most of the time commenting negatively on how morally bankrupt these men must be and how sex crazed the attendees must be. Mind you, she picked the place. After we made our way to the village and had dinner at a drag queen place. This, she seemed to enjoy. We walked around for a bit as we waited for her husband to come get us. He took forever. A fight ensued when she realized someone had sat in her seat and moved it from its place and on this happy note our evening ended.

In the morning as promised she walked me over to my guy friends house. It was the first time I had been to his house or seen him this early. He was not a morning person. He looked out from his second floor bedroom, ran down the stairs and opened the door before running up stairs to get ready. I walked into his house where the stairs greeted you and straight ahead behind the steps was the kitchen. To the left was a sitting/living room area adorned with assorted antiques. I made a left and sat on the delicate sofa that was wrapped in a plastic cover. He was gone for about fifteen minutes before making his way back down and we discussed what our day might entail. It was a beautiful and sunny day in July. The options were open and he finally settled on Jones Beach. I had never been to Jones Beach. He was excited to show me. It was quite a drive but not so bad due to his location. It was a nice trip and I really enjoyed it. We ended up back at his place and watched tv and he made his first move on me. I was surprised and didn’t really respond how he anticipated but eventually it all worked out and at one point we were basically naked and did everything short of sex itself.

This vacation was the beginning of something and the end of something else. I ended up dating the guy for about six months. I lost the friendship of the female friend completely and for good.


One thought on “Vacation memory ..

  1. Wow! There is nothing more awkward than being the third wheel during an argument between a friend and their spouse. Been there! At least the weekend ended on a high note!

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