Random Act of Kindness…

Just when I had lost all hope for the new generation an example comes by and shows me not all hope is lost.

This Saturday I went to a local wine festival when the temperature outside was set at hell. I should have known better than to be out and about. I should have stayed home and drank more water.

When I got there the parking was full and I was detoured around the corner and up a hill. The walk down was not so bad but on the way back I ended getting light headed and nauseous. I stopped often and tried to gather the energy to keep up the hill. At some point I said fuck it and pushed myself to move forward and it worked until I got mid way through the last part and I had to hold onto the fence to keep from falling down. As I was falling down I heard basketball being played nearby and I steadied myself up and managed a wave. The teenager playing saw me and waved back. I waved again signaling for him to come to me and he ran over and asked what I needed. I muttered I could use some water and off he went. I slowly walked over to some nearby steps and sat with  my head down. The teenager came back with four bottles of water, and a cold wet rag to put around my neck. He seemed genuinely concerned and after a few minutes of awkward silence he suggested I go inside his house because of the central air. I hesitated and asked where are his parents and replied not home. When I stood up I got dizzy and followed him toward the house. I mentioned off hand he should not make it a habit of taking in strangers. He said I seemed safe. He guided to his sitting area(foray?) and got me more water. His little dog came up to me and tried playing with me. Once I could muster the energy I petted him and such. After about another fifteen minutes I said I should go and thanked him for his kindness. As I made it to the door he ran behind me and offered to walk me to my car but I said I was fine and thanked him again for his niceness. A few feet away I got lightheaded again and I asked some nearby random adults to give me a lift to my car and they reluctantly agreed. Once I got to my car I drank the remaining bottles of water as the air conditioner chilled the car. I drove home and did not leave the house until the following morning.

Kindness is free. I wish more people believed in it. It can be dangerous and sometimes inconvenient but it could save a life one day.


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