August lessons…

This summer started off rough but ended on a pretty good  note. Financial woes still persist but I take them in stride now and less panic. Panic does nothing to improve a situation.

Ten things I have learned in the month of August are:

  1. Life is too short to be miserable. It is not a new lesson but one reinforced by demise of a new friendship. It was short lived and hopefully behind me. I need to surround myself more with people that get me and love me warts and all. Gone are the days where I accommodate childish demands from grown people.
  2. I love to travel. It needs to be something I explore more throughout the remainder of this year and into the new one.
  3. People make time for those things they truly want to do. Also not a new lesson but one worth reminding myself of when others make it seem like I expect too much.
  4. Family is all that matters but not all family matters the same. Love all your family but value them to the same level they value you.
  5. Writing makes me happy. It is something I have grown lax with lately and I feel disconnected from life without it. I must make more time for it.
  6. Find what makes you happy and then work on it, foster it and it will bloom. Timing is everything.
  7. I want to invest in my spiritual side more. I am not a religious person but I like to feel spiritually connected to something greater than  myself.
  8. Establishing your goals and limits at work will pay off eventually. Unfortunately not so much financially at this time. Networking is important.
  9. Driving helps clear my mind. Whenever something is weighing heavy on my mind driving clears it right up or preps me to tackle it again.
  10. I want to find my “person”.

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