Ghost story…

When I was in high school I lived  with my paternal grandparents. It was a house I on occasion lived in as a child due to family circumstances. It was an old house with a history and we, the kids, would try scare each other and added our own details to scare the younger of the group.I come from a large family.

In high school I lived there alone with my grandparents and stayed in the bedroom in the basement. It was basically an unfinished apartment. It had its own bathroom, an extra bedroom and a kitchen but it was unfinished in that it still felt like a basement and the all plumbing was exposed and the floor was concrete. I probably should mention that I also happened to dabble into things otherworldly. I played with the Ouija board and read tarot cards for a nominal fee.

Sometime toward the end of my senior year I was trying to get some extra zzz’s but the sun from the small windows I did have was becoming too much of distraction so I decided to move into the windowless room to sleep. It worked for about a whole 30 minutes before I had a dream that the little boy I had spotted around the house was yelling at me to go and get out, reminding me this was HIS house. I rolled over and told him to fuck off and he pushed me. I did not feel myself fall but when I woke up I was on the hard, cold concrete floor. After the initial shock wore off I jumped up and ran upstairs to tell someone. My grandmother listened patiently and then said ” well who told you to tell him to fuck off?” She was not the least bit concerned. She added that I had been complaining about a little boy bothering me since I was five years and that in fact I used to walk around the house turning on all the lights because he was bothering me. It apparently was the only way I would not see him.

The last time I saw the boy I was a grownup that had been married, had a baby and been divorced. I had a dream about him in the house and him complaining he would be homeless soon. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. A year later I make it back to my hometown and went to see the old house but it was no longer there. It had been knocked down and a three family home stood in its place. I never dreamed of him again after that.


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